Marine product exports rise 3.48% in Apr 2011-Jan 2012

Written by Sajan C Kumar | Chennai | Updated: Feb 29 2012, 09:18am hrs
Exports of marine products from April 2011 to January 2012 have registered a growth of 3.48% in quantity, 25.55% in rupee value and 20.96% in US dollar realisation, compared to the same period last year.

The unit value realisation has also improved by 16.89%, according to the latest Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) statistics. As per the provisional export figures for April 2011-January 2012, the Indian seafood exports have increased by R850 crore from R12,901.47 crore in 2010-11 to R13,753.43 crore.

In dollar terms, exports have touched $3 billion during the period. MPEDA released the figures in Chennai on the eve of 18th International Seafood Show 2012 being organised in association with Seafood Exporters Association of India (SEAI).

The exports of frozen shrimps and fish have registered a positive growth both in volume and value, while South East Asia, Japan and the US have become key markets for Indian seafood. Significantly, South East Asia became top consumer of Indian marine products with a market share of 25.44%, valued at $ 745.65 million.

EU ranks second with a share of 22.41%, followed by the US (18.62%), Japan (13.70%), China (7.35%), Middle East (4.72%) and other countries (7.76%). However, exports of China have shown a drastic decline both in quantity and value terms.

In the export basket, frozen shrimp continued to be the major item accounting for 50.75% of the total US dollar earnings. Shrimp exports during the period increased by 21.89%, 39.75% and 36.16% in quantity, rupee value and dollar value respectively.

Exports of frozen shrimp to the US has registered a growth of 41.83% in volume, 46.04% in rupee value and 43.67% in dollar terms. Similarly, frozen shrimp exports to Japan also showed an increase of 13.32%, 23.32% and 20.77% in volume, rupee and dollar terms. Exports of Vannamei shrimp during the period increased tremendously by 263%, 314% and 300% in quantity, rupee and dollar terms respectively, when compared to the same period an year ago period, said the MPEDA statement.

The second largest item in the export basket, fish, accounted for a share of about 39.86% in quantity and 19.13% in dollar earnings. Accordingly, frozen fish exports during the period increased by 7.49% in quantity and 15.17% in dollar earnings. While frozen squid and cuttlefish exports decreased in quantity but showed an

increase in value terms both in rupee as well as in dollar terms, said the MPEDA statement.

The dried items export declined by 36.60% in quantity, 48.14% and 50.71% in rupee and dollar value respectively, the chilled items exports improved in value but decreased in volume. Live items exports have gone down both in dollar value as well as in volume when compared to the same period last year.