Mahathir Lauds Indias Posture At WTO

New Delhi, October 17: | Updated: Oct 18 2002, 05:30am hrs
Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad said on Thursday it was very important for the rest of Asia that India was a part of east Asias prosperity run.

I have in the past been impressed often by the posture taken by India in, for example, the World Trade Organisation. India must continue to provide leadership on global economic issues and on the course and development of globalisation which promised so much to all of humanity but which has been so selfishly hijacked by the greed and the few in recent years, Dr Mohamad said while speaking at a special session of the India-Association of South East Asian Nations (Asean) summit here.

The Malaysian Prime Minister said it was high time for Asean and India to work on a comprehensive economic partnership that will be mutually beneficial to us and to the rest of Asia and the world.

He highlighted the need to have a concert of Asia where partnership between India and Asean will be mutually beneficial.

Dr Mohamad said time had come for Asia to show the world its potential and promise. The last few hundred years have been a period of shame for Asia. For much of the time, we stood on our knees. Our people were impoverished. Our technological prowess was pathetic. Without a single exception, every nation in Asia has at one time or another over the past 50 years been given up as lost, he reminded, but added that we have for some time now started to show the world what we can do. We have clearly turned the corner.

Known for his anti-US rhetoric of late, Dr Mohamad said Asia could be at the start of a peace and prosperity run that could take the region to its place of pride.

First we must in the year ahead build communities of durable peace and friendship. Second, we must ensure rapid and sustainable economic growth.

Taking a dig at the US, Dr Mohamad said, Somehow, an east Asia peace under the diktat of the US was excellent but an east Asian peace under Japanese hegemony was choking and an east Asian peace under Chinese dominance was obscene.