Madura Stitches Plans For Thrust On Specialty Stores

Bangalore: | Updated: Apr 25 2002, 05:30am hrs
Branded apparel major Madura Garments, besides its thrust to grow the number of outlets retailing its brands, is preparing for a big push into the ‘specialty stores’ concept through its Planet Fashion and Trouser Town dedicated outlets. Moving forward, the company’s president Mr Prakash Nedungadi says the big opportunity in retailing is in this market which offers customers greater variety and a better shopping experience.

‘‘Increasingly, in the retailing segment, people are tending towards specialty stores which are large format places offering indepth variety and personalised services. We have identified this as a thrust segment,’’ adds Mr Nedungadi.

Madura Garments is also keen to grow its marketshare in the Middle East region through this initiative. Its concept of dedicated stores has been received well by customers in the Gulf region. At present, the company has 15 Planet Fashion outlets across the country and seven in the Middle East, while there are totally 17 Trouser Town outlets with one in Dhaka.

As for its regular brands, Madura Garments has 2,000 point-of-sale outlets across the country for its Peter England brand while there are 500 outlets (150 franchise) for its other premium brands like Van Heusen and Louis Philippe among others.

Says Mr Nedungadi, ‘‘We will continue to grow the number of regular PoS outlets retailing our brand. But increasingly, the opportunity lies in specialised retailing’’.