Lucent Bets On CDMA Business

Mumbai | Updated: Sep 28 2004, 05:30am hrs
Lucent Technologies Hindustan Pvt Ltd is bullish on the CDMA business in the wireless space. According to the companys president and CEO, CS Rao, revenues from Lucent should increase three-fold by 2008 - over the next four years.

Elaborating on the huge growth rates witnessed in the wireless space, Mr Rao pointed out that the future growth rate will depend heavily on what happens in the CDMA space. CDMA will stimulate this growth. This will be across the areas of mobility, broadband and convergence, he said. Mr Rao declined to reveal how large Lucents operations in India was.

Lucent has earlier been awarded a five year contract with convergence major, Reliance Infocomm to facilitate its wireless network expansion in the country. Lucents CDMA network will offer Reliance Infocomms subscribers to avail of a host of voice and data services.

Mr Rao said the advantages of CDMA were not restricted to just voice but also data. CDMA enables three things to take place - coverage, connectivity and convergence, he said. Mr Rao added that CDMAs advantages were most visible when it came to the issue of scaling up.

On Lucents outlook for India in the wireless space, Lucent Technologies director (mobility offer management and field marketing), Sandip Mukerjee maintained that the network deployment witnessed in India and the range of products offered was unparalleled in other parts of the world.