Low Output, Outdated Rules May Swamp Sericulture In Karnataka

Bangalore, June 29: | Updated: Jun 30 2003, 05:30am hrs
Karnataka may soon lose its status as the number one silk producer in the country due to low productivity and archaic regulatory systems prevailing in the sector. While Andhra Pradesh has taken over Karnataka in per acre productivity, the failure to reform the Karnataka Sericulture Act seems to have prompted further stagnation among farmers and rearers involved in the states silk industry.

Adding to the woes, the sericulture sector is going through a rough patch with low prices, low productivity, dumping of cheap silk into the country. Sericulture is the only sector in the state where farmers, rearers and reelers face strict regulations similar to that of narcotics, said Central Silk Board member secretary and CEO P Joy Oommen.

According to Mr Oommen the state follows the seed area concept by which seed and cocoon procurement and sales can be done only through cocoon markets and seed auction centres. In terms of yarns it could be procured and sold only through silk exchanges.