Look At The Bright Side

Updated: Jan 21 2003, 05:30am hrs
At a conference organised by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Ficci) for a delegation from Hong Kong, some of the guests from overseas voiced concern over Indias political instability as also the multiplicity of taxes plaguing the movement of goods between states. And the delegates certainly didnt mince words when they said that they were disappointed and anxious that India did not have a consolidated economic will like China did.

But Ficcis Y K Modi was one not to be outdone, and he hit right back. In China, he said, the end of all international business could be effected by just one persons decision the Communist party chief Hu Jintaos. On the other hand, if one were to go perversely retrograde in India and attempt to reverse all economic progress, it would still take our long-winding bureaucracy a pretty long time to throw non-swadeshi businesses out of the country. Eavesdropper wonders when was the last time a business lobby imparted such a silver lining to an otherwise dismal business environment!

Mahajans Mousetrap
What does God have to do with IT Union minister for IT and communication Pramod Mahajan thinks he has an answer. At the ongoing Supercomm India 2003 conference in the capital, he recounted a trip to Stanford University a couple of years ago when he met the inventor of the mouse. The geek wanted to know from the minister how India was such a good performer in information technology.

Fumbling for an answer, Mr Mahajan asked the inventor why the mouse was called that, to which the gentleman explained that the gadget looked something like a mouse. Seizing on this, the IT minister quipped, You see, we are a superpower in IT since, according to Hindu mythology, the mouse is Lord Ganeshas vehicle. When we own the vehicle, quite naturally, we are the ones who drive the IT industry. The Lord might just want to opt out of this rat-race, though!