Lintas launches new research tool

Mumbai, March 23 | Updated: Mar 24 2005, 06:37am hrs
Lintas Media Services has launched a new proprietary research tool called Inteligrip to provide cost-effective media solutions to its clients. Inteligrip, an acronym for intelligent GRPs has been patented by the Lintas Group and will be utilised across all brands of Lintas Media Services to benefit clients onwards.

Announcing the launch of Inteligrip, Lintas Media Services director Lynn de Souza said that the agencys new tool aims to capture not just the highest GRPs but to establish the viewers interest in brand categories through a history of their brand experiences.The current scenario makes it imperative to beat ad avoidance rather than to continue relying on traditional GRP valuations that are in reality are being eventually avoided by the consumers, she added.

According to Ms de Souza, the Inteligrip model has been based on the outcome of the Initiative BBC World Ad Watch 2005 survey which established significant wastage of media spend due to the dramatic increase in ad avoidance in todays environment. The survey quantifies that only 31% of the audiences are open to advertising. Further, that advertising avoidance is the highest on television, said Ms de Souza.

Inteligrip is a planning process that leads the way in delivering intelligent GRPs by making them effective through a closer match to the viewers.