LG WebOS TV (47LB750T): Simply connect, and stay connected

Written by Sudhir Chowdhary | Updated: Oct 9 2014, 14:14pm hrs
LG TVThe new LG WebOS Cinema 3D TV is also available in 42, 49, 50, 55, 65, 79 and 84 inch size options.
Smartphones, tablets and notebook computers might keep us busy all day in our hectic work life, but at the end of the day all that we want to do is to simply switch on the humble television set and watch an English or a Hindi movie being broadcast on various movie channels, right Technology has really opened up to new horizons with the power to change the market dynamics of the home entertainment industry around the world.

Consumers are experiencing new-age technology across home electronics devices and one product that has the potential to significantly impact our TV viewing is LGs latest range of WebOS televisions.

One look at the new LG WebOS Cinema 3D TV and you can make out that the South Korean consumer electronics giant has completely transformed the idiot box with its years of research & development for a splendid television viewing experience. We got the 47 inch model (47LB750T) for a review and its price is R1,03,900. Other than that, the new LG WebOS Cinema 3D TV is also available in 42, 49, 50, 55, 65, 79 and 84 inch size options in the price range from R78,900 to R17 lakh.

Out of the box, our review unit came across as yet another sleek TV out there in the market place. But switch it on and youll find the real difference in how it operates. Let me demystify a little bit here. Basically, LGs new TV interface is based on a piece of software originally used in mobile phones made by the now-defunct Palm. This new TV interface is known as webOS and its major aim is to get rid of the clunky, unintuitive interfaces of previous and current smart TV interfaces. In other words, make TV simple again.

Probing further, the webOS interface is based around a Launcher window. This gives you access to all the main portals within the system, including streaming services like Netflix as well as more social services like Skype and Twitter. In my two week experience with the LG TV, I was very much impressed that the WebOS serves up various entertainment options that neatly organise recent viewing history along with an integrated 3D world, a web browser and the LG App Store ready to deliver the latest movies, TV shows, apps and games.

For a not-so-tech-savvy person, the LG webOS looks a lot better than most current TV interfaces. Ask any geek associated with TV technology and they are quick to point out that lack of visual intuitiveness is one of the key problems with many current smart TVs.

Back to the 47-inch 47LB750T machine. Offering a perfect combination, this television comes with a magic remote that enables easy universal control along with voice search. The exclusively designed Smartshare and tag on features makes it perfect for screen and content sharing. Taking the television to another level are the NFC, Intel WiDi, Miracast, MHL compatiblesmart mobile link feature for easy content sharing. As content sharing has become a crucial part of our lives, consumers today look for a refined and realistic television experience.

Built with a cinema screen and an ultra slim smart LED design, this Skype and finger gesture compatible range comes with LGs proprietary IPS panel. The wireless sound sync and virtual surround sound features effectively make up the highly compatible WebOS Cinema 3D TV. The television also comes with 2 megapixel camera compatibility, a flexible mount bracket with regional language options for optimum user convenience.

I can go on and on talking about the new technologies in this new LG innovation, but I guess it makes more sense to talk about the televisions viewing experience. Well, the picture quality is fairly impressive and the TV does not reflect much light even in a bright room. The viewing angle is great and most important, the webOS interface is pretty and easy to use, but one has to get used to it.

Basically, what the LG webOS interface will do for most people isnt much different from any current smart TV interfaces. Itll let you stream from online services such as Netflix, look at your Facebook and Twitter updates on your TV andif you are addicted to the Internetsurf the web. Part of the reason why the new LG webOS TV interface is able to look and feel so slick is that it packs in a whole lot of powerful technologies theres FHD resolution (1920 x 1080), Triple XD Engine, Resolution Upscaler, Wireless Sound Sync, Flicker Free 3D, Digital Audio Out (optical), among others.

In summary, the new WebOS Cinema 3D TV has great picture quality, its styling is gorgeous and the TV comes with lots of features for a smart viewing experience.

* Estimated street price: Rs 1,03,900