Letters to the editor

Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Nov 3 2014, 07:13am hrs
Heed the Tamil fishermens cry

It is with a deep sense of anguish and anger that the Tamil people received the news that five innocent Tamil fishermen, who had been detained by the Sri Lanka Navy three years ago while fishing, have now been sentenced to death by a Sri Lankan court on charges of smuggling heroin into the island nation. It is unfortunate that both the Indian Union and the Tamil Nadu governments, which are now confirming and claiming that the fishermen are really innocent of the false charges of trafficking heroin framed against them, had been sleeping all this while without taking any concrete steps for the release of the poor fishermen who had been languishing in Sri Lankan jails for three long years. We are also witnessing a step motherly treatment given to the fishermen issue by both the UPA as well as the NDA governments at the Centre and one wonders whether they would have been so very lethargic and callous if only the fishermen were from the North! Now that their careless and arrogantly adamant attitude to look the other way as far as the issues relating to the Tamil Nadu fishermen held by the Sri Lankan government has culminated in the death penalty for the five innocent fishermen, one hopes that at least now, wisdom would prevail on the Union and Tamil Nadu governments to see that the five poor souls who have been condemned are dont face the noose around their necks and a permanent solution found for the Tamil fishermen issue.

Tharcius Fernando, Chennai

Behind choosing Fadnavis

The choice of Devendra Fadnavis as Maharashtra CM is interesting. Fadnavis as a young achiever, seems to fit the image that the BJP leadership want to project, as a party for which heeds to Indias (increasingly a nation of the young) aspirations. His image as clean politician is in sharp contrast to that of Nitin Gadkari, who is the biggest name in Maharashtra BJP and is close to RSS ranks. So, in choosing Fadnavis, the powers that be at the party have clearly clipped the wings of the various lobbies for the Mrashtra CMs seat. Apart from all this, Fadnaviss youth and lack of clout in the state party means he can be advised on state issues from outside the state.

Sumona Pal, Kolkata