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Updated: Oct 21 2014, 08:07am hrs
Modi reaffirms peoples faith

While it is laudable that the people of Maharashtra have decisively and conscientiously cut to size the Shiv Sena which has been injecting venom in the hearts of the Marathi people with its motto and main slogan Maharashtra for Maharashtrians only, the BJP which has become the single largest party with 123 seats in its coffers has done it because of two reasons: first, the electorates disappointment with the corrupt Congress and the divisive- minded Sena and secondly, the trust the people of the nation have in Narendra Modi, based on his assurance of excellence in governance, devoid of any corruption and any divisive agenda. It is also a tragedy that the Congress, paying the price for its alleged corruption and blatantly ineffective governance in Haryana had to meekly concede power to the saffron party in the state ruled by the Congress for decades. Now, that it has been made clear that it is mainly the charisma of Modi that is turning the political apple cart in favour of the saffron party, it is high time the Prime Minister asserted himself, rose above petty politics and boldly resisted and vetoed the thrust of any communal agenda by his party or the Sangh Parivar so that he can fulfill the aspirations and expectations of the common man and prove worthy of the trust reposed in him.

Tharcius S Fernando


Trades fine, but peace is prime

Apropos of Tejinder Narangs column (October 20), the authors clarity in explaining the trade possibilities for India help common readers like me understand the other side to conflicts. While there is an obvious trade benefit for India, the larger good would call for India to focus on global efforts to bring stability to the West Asian region, especially considering Irans interests since it has been a traditional ally.

Sumona Pal


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