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Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Oct 9 2014, 08:25am hrs
Stop the AIADMK protests

There can be no second opinion that the failure of the Tamil Nadu government to contain the unwarranted assemblies of people belonging to different groups and their raising unparliamentary comments against the judges, the honourable courts and posters of similar nature in the names of the ministers and also the leaders of the AIADMK participating in such assemblies or allegedly instigating the crowd in to a frenzy has caused more damage to Jayalalithaas image than the legal twine in which she is embroiled now. At least now, wisdom should prevail on the ruling AIADMK, its ministers and those who are allegedly behind all the anarchy we witnessed in the state in the past 12 days so that further damage to their leader and to the state in particular, could be contained to an extent.

Tharcius S Fernando


Get the clean-up drive right

The Swacch Bharat campaign offered a great PR opportunity for the government to showcase its commitment to the cause, with the Prime Minister and many ministers sweeping the streets. The intent behind the mission is clearly good but the question to ask is what the Swacch Bharat campaign is all about. If it is about a clean India, how are we going to achieve this Will our ministers keep sweeping the streets along with our celebrities till the common man is moved into doing it, together with these esteemed citizens Do we see our citizens cleaning their homes and then cleaning the streets (or not dirtying it) before going about their daily work every day, year through, for the rest of their lives Will such an endeavour be sustainable In that case, what becomes of our sanitation workers and the entire mechanism that the government has for cleaning public places Are they to be retired Nobody, not this government at least, is speaking of humane working conditions and living wages for sanitation workers, neither is it talking about greater mechanisation in sewerage clean up work. There has to be some thought spared to the plight of the workers whose wages have not moved up and who continue working in unhygienic conditions. The citizens are getting swayed by the Priyanka Chopras of the world talking about cleanliness. Will she, Narendra Modi and everybody else talk about the injustice that our workers have to suffer

Sumona Pal, Kolkata

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