Letters to the editor

Updated: Jun 18 2013, 08:46am hrs
Falling rupee

Apropos of the column Managing the rupee (FE, June 17), the fall of the rupee in the international market is naturally a cause of great worrybut more for the common man than for the governmentsince this will further aggravate the existing inflation in the country. On a lighter note, it is another matter that most Indians have always loved the dollar more than the rupee. Fake currency in circulation beyond control of government is another cause of weak economy. Attention must be paid to this issue.

Mahesh Kumar, New Delhi

Modis BJP

In Modi versus his party (National Interest, FE, June 17), Shekhar Gupta has raised some very pertinent questions about the current state of affairs in the BJP. At a time when the country wanted to get rid of the corrupt and inefficient Congress-led UPA government, a strong alternative alliance was needed to defeat it. But the BJP allowed its 17-year old NDA ally JD(U) to break away from the alliance, on the issue of prime ministerial candidate, which was not in countrys interest. A BJP Prime Minister is possible only when the NDA, almost defunct with the exit of the JD(U), manages to get 200-220 seats in the Lok Sabha and expands with opportunistic political chameleons to make the magic figure of 272. That seems a remote possibility as of now. Peoples collective anger against the monumental corruption and misgovernance of the UPA government, which has made cost of living an all-time high and life unbearably hard for them, is a positive point for the NDA. With the general elections only a few months away, the NDA needed to be strengthened rather than weakened. While the BJP was hesitant in naming Narendra Modi as partys PM candidate, the JD(U) went a bit too far by asking for an undertaking from the BJP that Modi will not be the PM candidate. Both parties should have agreed on deciding NDAs PM candidate only after the results of the general elections. The question of NDAs PM candidate would have arisen only in case the NDA would have been in a position to form the government. A 17-year-old working alliance has been spoiled on presumptions. Shekhar Gupta has rightly said that if Modi becomes the PM he will need to bring both his party and himself back to where Vajpayee had left. Vajpayee defied the RSS and became a very successful and popular PM. Modi will have no other choice.

MC Joshi, Lucknow

Create favourable atmosphere

Ratan Tata to be chief advisor to AirAsia Board (FE, June 17) is welcome news. The government should extend all support so that it takes off at the earliest in order to give a boost to our aviation industry. The government should also rise to the occasion to clear the Etihad-Jet deal that will give an advantage in promoting the industry and creating investors confidence in India. Creating a favourable atmosphere to attract investment is the most important issue.

Jacob Sahayam