Letters to the editor

Updated: Nov 30 2012, 06:24am hrs
Direct cash transfer

It was great to read excellent analysis of the direct cash transfer scheme by MK Venu Beware of the new privy purses (FE, November 29). The success of the scheme will ultimately depend on how and by whom the beneficiary is identified, for those in the decision making chain will ask and claim for their pound of flesh, one way or the other! Most likely, it will result in a vote bank of a very different variety, a BPL vote bank! So be it, as long as the guy at the receiving end gets at least 90% of the money, not only in his bank account but also in his or her hand. For this, it will entirely depend on the micro one man ATMs being proposed, and how well and honestly they perform, which we will know within a few months of the roll out, say by June next year.

RC Acharya

Former member, Railway Board