Letters to the editor : Why crib about H-1B visas

Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Mar 3 2009, 04:11am hrs
The US is in recession and jobs are disappearing. By bailing out banks and other financial institutions, and by doling out tax and other benefits for the middle class, President Obama is trying to put the US economy back on the rails. In doing so, he wants to put the interests of the country first and foremost. His stance to discourage outsourcing of jobs to foreign countriesby denying tax concessions to those banks and institutions that have availed of US government help through rescue plansis legitimate and fair. He has not said he intends to stop outsourcing. Between outsourcing and tax concession, if the former is profitable, many organisations will go for it. The Indian IT industry does not have good reasons to crib about Obamas policy.

K Venkataraman Mumbai