Letters to editor: Wasted sessions

Updated: Aug 16 2013, 07:19am hrs
Like recent past sessions of Parliament, it seems the monsoon session shall also be remembered as a washout session instead of being serious on subjects of discussions and debating important Bills. In fact, most members express their views and opposition to certain matters by shouting slogans and behaving in an indisciplined manner. Regretfully, certain Bills are being introduced and passed by the Congress-led UPA government without any discussion. How can we say that these Bills are for the majority and in the interest of the nation Sanctity of Bills can be ensured only if the session functions normally. The Bills need to be presented and discussed in a proper manner.

M Kumar

New Delhi

What Rajan should do

Raghuram Rajan is an excellent choice as the RBI Governer. Today, in this increasingly globalised environment when the world is fast shrinking into a big global village, external factors have a greater role to play in deciding the policies of government. Raghuram Rajan brings with him a rich, wide and varied experience which includes his stint as the Chief Economist at the International Monetary Fund. Today, the country is confronted with a host of critical issues like industrial slowdown, rupee depreciation, rising prices and alarming current account deficit, and Rajan must tackle them, and he should also think about the GDP growth, which has taken a hit in the recent times owing to various factors. Rajan, a scholarly figure, an academician and a professional, is confidence personified, and holds a clear vision and larger perception of eventualities ahead. A right person at the right slot and at the most appropriate time. Hopefully, he should be able to guide the economy through these difficult times.

Srinivasan Umashankar