Letters: Crony idealism

Updated: Feb 27 2014, 08:37am hrs
The editorial Crony socialism (FE, February 19) advises the AAP and other political parties to be beware of crony socialism which has played havoc with the economy of the country for some time now. The greatest danger that the nation faces today, however, is crony idealism by which I mean cultivating the belief that only ones own ideas are correct and nobody elses, and that only one and ones own friends and party men are honest, nobody else's. Arvind Kejriwal and company suffer from this disease. In fact, most argumentative Indians suffer from this 'ism' in its various avatars, which makes them incapable of seeing the sides of any argument other than their own. This manifests in whatever we do: when the ruling political party frames policies and plans, the opposition opposes the government, and economists or social scientists take a stand on any issue. This happens because we Indians, consciously or unconsciously, end up befriending our interests rather than our conscience.

TD Purohit, Ahmedabad

Telangana issue

The Andhra Pradesh bifurcation Bill passed in the Lok Sabha and the method adopted to pass it by both the national parties should make every Indian feel ashamed. Over the years, the country's political system has been slipping to the lowest levels. The Congress, no doubt, took the leading role in it, and it is now joined by the BJP.

M Govardhan, Mumbai