LeBon Milkana introduces dairy dips

Written by Agencies | New Delhi | Updated: Jun 30 2009, 22:59pm hrs
LeBon Milkana has introduced new range of dairy dips. This is part of their strategy to bring new dairy solutions with innovation in fresh dairy section.

Milkana Dairy Dips is available in 5 flavours in 125g cups prices at Rs. 43.00. The communication is targeted at Calorie and Fat conscious Indian Consumers with a slogan Milkana Health Apnana.

Increasing obesity and other lifestyle related disorders have made consumers look for healthy alternatives for snackings and dippings. With the launch of Milkana dairy dip consumers have a new and healthy way to dip. Being made from milk, they are rich in Proteins, and in Calcium (200mg per 100g). They are lower in fat as compared to oil based dips and in sugar vs ketchups.

These innovative dips are ready to use with finger food, chips, bread sticks etc, they can also be used as spreads and one can create exciting and tasteful recipes using these dips in vegetables, pastas and more.

These Dips are available in five delicious flavors, for healthy snacks:

* Creamy Cheese- This light and tasty cheesy dip is made from the rich goodness of milk and cheddar cheese. Creamy cheese can go with all kinds of multi grain bread and corn chips.

* Peppy Black Pepper- This delicious cheese based dip has a strong punch of black pepper. You could use it as a yummy spread on breads and it can also be served with fresh cut vegetables like carrot, cucumber, asparagus and more.

* Pungent Jalapeno- Pungent Jalapeno dairy dip has a hot and delicious taste of Jalapeno, the dip compliments all kinds of snacks, bread sticks and also serves as a topping on pastas and garlic bread.

* Sweet and Hot Tomato Chilli - This dip is a very healthy and tasty alternative to your regular ketchup, low on sugar content as compared to tomato ketchup, it goes well with international snacks, pastas, sandwiches

* Classic Mint and Coriander - This dip has the traditional taste of mint and coriander, the dip can be served with traditional Indian snacks like kebabs and samosas.

Milkanas Paneer with Reduced Fat and Fresh Dairy Snacks Magis Massala and Hara Bhara delight are already popular among health conscious Indian Consumers.