Leadership Is All About Building Teams, Interdependence: Experts

New Delhi, September 23: | Updated: Sep 24 2003, 05:30am hrs
A leader is incomplete in himself without the support of a team that shares his vision. A session on Developing Winners who Care at CIIs Leadership Summit, stressed the importance of seamless teams and developing the engagement factor among employees as opposed to mere satisfaction.

Selection is critical. It is important to recruit individuals who have a fire in their belly and then mould them according to the needs of the organisation. The engagement factor ensures a desire to be a part of the organisations future and contribute constructively to it, said Naina Lal Kidwai, vice-chairman and MD, HSBC Securities & Capital Markets Ltd. Team building is the basic building block for any organisatuion, she said.

CFO Indo Rama Synthetics Shailendra Tandon, pointed out that a leader, however good, should realise that he cannot bring change and transformation within an organisation unless he has a team that shares his vision.

CEOs do not have unfetterted power, they must learn to share power. Leaders have to learn, unlearn and relearn according to situations, he said. He also talked at length on the concept of situational leadership where a sub-group set up with a specific purpose in mind, threw up its own leader according to the demands of that situation. He illustrated his contentions with examples from his past experiences at Baush & Lomb before the company split into two businesses on vision care and sunglasses.

The session also talked of issues like motivation and reward systems and ticklish situations where a leader may fare very low as a team player, while scoring high on other traditional leadership aspects.

Summing up the session, the moderator, Sanjaya Baru, Chief Editor, The Financial Express said that leadership is not about striking out independantly or individual excellence, but more about building teams and interdependence.

Another session on Leading Communities in Change looked at the leadership lessons that can be gleaned out of cases where the road less travelled is opted for.

In one such case, S Sivakumar, CEO, ITC Agri Business Group, talked at length on the leadership lessons learnt from the companys innovative e-chaupal initiative, which after a shakey start three years back, today covers 16,000 villages and has 2,500 kiosks.