Kuwait starts work on contracts to Indians

Dubai, March 31: | Updated: Mar 31 2008, 18:27pm hrs
After a gap of nearly three months, Kuwait has resumed attestation of contracts relating to Indian workers which facilitate them to seek jobs in the country as the two nations have entered a model agreement.

Last month, Kuwait embassy and consulate in India had resumed stamping visas, even as hundreds of jobseekers had been stranded in light of the impasse, which began in December 2007.

The Indian embassy in Kuwait has started attestation of documents from March 24, said the Indian ambassador to Kuwait, M Ganapathy.

Kuwait had resumed attestation of contracts relating to Indian workers after several rounds of talks held between two nations.

The decision of having a common contract for all unskilled Indian workers was reached at the Indo-Kuwait joint working panel on labour in February.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs has formally communicated to the Indian embassy the approval of the Employment Contract prepared by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour.

But the row over the contracts pertaining to the domestic labour remains unresolved. The Kuwait side has the draft contract from India which it is studying, the envoy told PTI.

The dispute arose over some new conditions in the labour contract involving both the private and the public sector.

Kuwait reportedly rejected the move arguing that the contract model would be in accordance with its labour norms.

Both the countries signed a landmark labour pact last year which is aimed at facilitating recruitment of manpower.