Knowledge panel to synergise peoples perspectives

New Delhi, Aug 4 | Updated: Aug 5 2005, 06:36am hrs
The Knowledge Commission would seek to bolster the knowledge-base of the country by focussing on five areas, including access to knowledge, its chairman Sam Pitroda said on Thursday. The commission will also make proposals for the creation and application of knowledge and delivery of knowledge services. Mr Pitroda said special efforts should be made for the development of knowledge concepts and latest information technology tools could be used to improve access to knowledge and provide knowledge services.

The eight-member commission, launched by the Prime Minister recently, will submit its first set of recommendations in October.

The panel would synergise perspectives of people working in various fields, said Mr Pitroda. It will formulate the recommendations with a view to benefitting young people who are the real consumers of knowledge. Also, he emphasised the need for e-governance in the country to facilitate the creation and dissemination of knowledge.

Stressing the importance of preserving traditional knowledge (TK), he said the codification of TK by electronic means would lend pace to the countrys development.

Pointing out that the plethora of identification and eligibility cards for citizens had added to sloth and inefficiency in governance, he said such certification documents could be integrated to provide comprehensive information on a single paper.