KLM Cargo, OPG Join Hands

Hyderabad, Aug 26 | Updated: Aug 27 2004, 05:30am hrs
KLM Cargo, claimed to be one the largest carriers of cargo worldwide and the OPG Group of the Netherlands, Europes leading pharmaceutical wholesaler, distributor, and other related laboratory services, have joined hands to open gateway for the Indian pharmaceutical companies to the European countries.

The joint effort of both the companies is to partner with Indian pharma majors along with the newly-formed Pharmexcil to provide a one-stop-solution in the supply chain management. With the country being recognised world over as a low-cost producer and supplier of quality pharmaceuticals, accessing the valuable European market is still difficult in terms of logistics, regulatory and financial aspects.

Hence, the two companies have joined forces to offer Indian pharma companies a unique integrated solution to expand the latters businesses in Europe, Sanjay Tiwari, director Pharmaceutical Logistics, KLM Cargo, the Netherlands said.

According to Mr Tiwari, the collaborative effort will help to manage the entire supply chain, right from registration and initial shipment until products reach the end customers. As per the agreement, the companies are talking to big pharma companies to move goods (drugs) for on-time delivery in perfect condition and in compliance with the transport regulations imposed by the regulatory bodies.

Working with KLM-OPG will allow customers to outsource everything in the pharma supply chain. Each supply stage is carefully monitored and in-depth information right from frequency of release and sales per distributor to inventory levels is provided to facilitate decision making, he said.

"With demand from European Union countries increasing, the Indian pharma manufacturers have realised that transportation requires specialised carriers for pharma products and not supply them along with other goods thus abiding by EU norms," he noted.

In order to facilitate this, KLM-OPG is offering storage, packaging, distribution besides laboratory services like batch release, registration services, and invoice debt collection services for pharma companies with specialised pharma transport services facilitating business expansion in Europe, he added.