Keys to better results

Updated: Nov 13 2005, 05:30am hrs
With the chilly winters around the corner, its time to utilise the Vaastu elements to thaw out your children so that they can concentrate on studies.

If possible, the study should be in the east, north or north-east of the house. But as in most residences the childs desk is in the room itself. So one can place it in the directions that are the most auspicious for learning. While studying the child should face north, east or north-east. The bookshelves should be on the sides, never above the study table. Also ensure that the table does not have heaps of books piled up. Only the material pertaining to the subject of study should be there.

The childs room should be bright and comfortable. Dingy rooms are not conductive to the childs education, growth or attitude. The furnishings should be bright. Use soft blues, greens and whites to decorate rooms. Add one or two bright coloured cushions or decorative objects to create vibrancy and enthusiasm. Avoid black colour in the room. The room should be warm as it induces cheerfulness, prosperity, and focus. Use heaters, blowers or convectors to make the room snug and cozy.

If there is a Vaastu dosha in the western part of your home, it can have a detrimental effect on the childs studies. There should be more open space on the east than the west. If this is not the case then put a large mirror on the eastern wall.

Place an inspirational picture in the childs room. Remember that a picture or a painting that appeals to you may not appeal to your child. Your child is an individual. Therefore, let the child choose a picture that appeals to them and gives them confidence. There are certain accepted motifs and icons to choose from. The picture could be that of a galloping horse, a rising sun and the Hindu goddess of knowledge, Saraswati.

The child should not study under a toilet (on the floor above). There should also be no edges, pointed or protruding objects hitting the place where he/she sits. The child should have a solid wall behind him/her. There should be no windows or doors behind. A solid wall denotes strength and support. One can also place a painting of a mountain behind to add support. Also ensure that the child does not sit facing a window, as his/her concentration will deteriorate.

Energise the north-east part of the childs room to improve good luck in education. You can also place a crystal globe on the desk as it enhances luck in education. Hang eight crystal balls in the north-east. Keep a holy book next to the bed. This works wonders.

Take care when you place the study lamp, which is another way of energising knowledge luck. It should be bright but not too harsh to the eyes. The shape should not be pointed. Symbols associated with education can also increase the childs luck. Hang educational certificates on the south wall. These can be of the child, or any member of the family.

Apply Vaastu in your surroundings. Place a light in the north-east as well as the south of the house or flat. This will enhance concentration and bring luck to your child. Keep saffron in your childs pocket while he/she is studying.

Make the child do some breathing exercises for 15 minutes prior to studying. He/she should sit erect and do some mild, warm up exercises as they synchronize the body and the mind and hence it becomes easier for the child not only to concentrate and focus but also to retain what he/she has learnt.