Kerala Floats Online Databank Of Pros

Thiruvananthapuram | Updated: Jun 10 2004, 05:30am hrs
Kerala government has floated a databank of professionally qualified jobseekers, mainly for the use of corporate houses.

In the form of a website (, the databank has access to a list of over 60,000 professionals in various disciplines.

The website leads to a databank of curriculam vitaes (CVs) of professionals including engineers, doctors, lawyers, business executives, Web designers and many others. It is for the first time in the country that a government employment exchange has doubled up to play a placement agency for private employers also. But unlike private placement agencies, no service fees will be charged from either the employer or the employee, K Ajayakumar, director, employment, Kerala government, told eFE.

A potential employer will have to register at the site spelling out his employee specifications to get access to the CV meeting his preferences. While this will not be charged, the onus of interviewing and identifying the right candidate will be fully on the employer.

Though there are as many as 4072 doctors in the live registers of the state government employment exchange, most are unwilling to fill the vacancies in the government hospitals.

In 2003, the registers had shown 1.82 lakh professional and technical jobseekers.

The next phase of the databank, according to MA George Francis, the officer in charge of the project, will be to bring those with more basic educational qualifications (like postgraduates, graduates, PG-diploma holders, ITI certificate-holders, etc) within the ambit of the databank.

A registered job-seeker can renew his registration online. This can be done once in three years, with the inclusion of an updated history of his qualifications and experience.