Karnataka For Linking Inter-state Rivers

New Delhi, October 20: | Updated: Oct 21 2002, 05:30am hrs
Karnataka will support the scheme of linking inter-state rivers. These schemes should be worked out only with the consent of the concerned riparian states. Water should continue to remain as a state subject, state water resources minister HK Patil has said.

Addressing the press here on Sunday, he said the proposed Ganga-Cauvery link will ease the problem of water sharing in the Southern states to a great extent, this should be worked out in consultations with the riparian states. He said Karnataka has neither violated orders of the Supreme Court nor the river authority. We have done our best to share the distress in the prevailing situation.

He said this years the deficiency in monsoon rains created problems. Karnataka farmers depend largely on the South-West monsoon and they grow only a single crop. The standing paddy crop in the season is in danger and need water while TN farmers have cultivated paddy crop in only about 1.25 lakh hectare, which is 15 per cent less this year. Despite the need to save the main crop in Karnataka, it released about 75 per cent of the mandated water to the Mettur dam. in Tamil Nadu .u rnataka released 44,489 cusecs water, leaving a deficit of only 18,511 cusecs. From October 1-14 it released 97,044 cusecs, leaving a deficit of only 28,956 cusecs.

Mr Patil said releases in the coming weeks are likely to increase and by the month-end Karnataka will be able to release also the balance of 25 per cent. He said that Tamil Nadu farmers can wait as their main crops are grown in samba season.