Jusco to help Sri Lankan NWSDB cut water losses

Written by Arindam Sinha | Jamshedpur, Jul 30 | Updated: Jul 31 2008, 06:50am hrs
Tata Steel subsidiary Jamshedpur Utilities & Services Co Ltd (Jusco) has signed a memorandum of agreement (MoA) with Sri Lanka's National Water Supply & Drainage Board (NWSDB). Jusco will impart training to NWSDB personnel to help the board cut down on water supply losses in Sri Lankan towns and cities.

NWSDB is responsible for the management of water supply systems in all towns and cities in Sri Lanka.

Asian Development Bank has, under its regional technical assistance (RTA) programme, selected Jusco as a utility expert in the South-East Asian region to 'mentor' the NWSDB.

"They want us to help Sri Lankan utilities reduce their water losses and improve performance," Pranay Sinha, Jusco's chief of water management, told FE here Wednesday.

Sinha and NWSDB general manager KLL Premanath in the presence of ADB head facilitator Robert Hood recently signed a 'twinning programme'.

Under the programme, Jusco will voluntarily train NWSDB personnel by both sending its water management teams to Sri Lanka and training Sri Lankan utility teams visiting Jusco. NWSDB, which has achieved 100% metering of its water supply system, wants Jusco to help it reduce losses owing to unauthorised connections, leakage, etc.

NWSDB wants to cut down its existing 50-53% baseline level losses by 20-25%. Jusco's stand at 10.5%. "We will give them our expertise and show them how to reduce wastage," said Sinha. ADB will be bearing the logistics cost, according to him.

During the nine-month 'knowledge sharing' exercise, extendable if needed, there will be a total of six visits from Jusco's side and two from the Lankan side. Commencing August-September, a six-member NWSDB team is to visit Jusco's water works here.