Jan first week air fares touch sky high

Written by Shauvik Ghosh | New Delhi, Dec 28 | Updated: Dec 29 2007, 06:19am hrs
The first week of the new year is turning out to be the most expensive for air travellers with the cost of a single one-way air ticket to Mumbai from Delhi going for as high as Rs 15,000 while the lowest fare is at Rs 4,000. The same price even applies to tickets for travellers wanting to go from Delhi to Kolkata.

The prices are inclusive of the Rs 2,000 taxes and surcharges that airlines have instituted to keep in check losses from variations in aviation turbine fuel (ATF) and congestion. High congestion in major airports leads to many of the aircraft circle the airports till the runway is clear for them to land.

Analysts said that as this was the peak season for air travel, it has led to very high demand for air tickets resulting in the air fares soaring.

Interestingly, the public carriers do not have any tickets available for the entire week.

The various events happening in Delhi and Mumbai have also added to the huge increase in passengers travelling to and from the major hubs in the country. Delhi has got an added number of passengers flying in and out due to the Auto Expo, which is slated to begin from January 10.

Another reason for the huge infusion of people is that this is the end of the holiday season and passengers from the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Gujarat apart from other states usually travel to Delhi or Mumbai to catch a connecting flight.

January 2 seems to be the worst day to travel with the cheapest ticket coming from Air Deccan worth Rs 4,011 while the cheapest full service carrier fare is from Jet and Kingfisher for Rs 4,792 for a one way trip for one person to Mumbai.