Its time India bid for the 2020 Olympics

Written by Martin Thomas | Updated: May 30 2011, 06:44am hrs
India, in spite of the scams, the controversies and the delays, managed to put up a superb show at the Commonwealth Games 2010. The grand opening, the performance of Indias own athletes, the closing ceremony, all acted as an announcement to the world that India is capable of holding world-class events with world-class standards. The scam, which was brought out by media, created a bit of temporary negativity and ill-feeling about the whole event, but the positive side of it is that at least the scam was exposed this time. Scams like this have happened in the past also, the only difference is now, thanks to the growth in the power and reach of the media, its much more difficult to keep such things a secret. This is a good sign.

The people, the media and the authorities are now more aware and more alert to such happenings. This fact only makes India a much better place to hold such or even bigger international events in future.

I believe its time for India to take the next big step and host the Olympics. India has the money power, the mind power and the man power to make it happen. Now the country should move a step ahead and become a sporting power, too. Over the next few years India should ensure that winning events is also an important thing. Beginning now, the country can very well train its athletes to be among the top performers in global sporting events across major sports.

India, in a few years, will surpass China to become the fastest growing country in the world and, unlike China, the growth will be fuelled by creative, innovative and, most importantly, free minds. The countrys role in the international arena is becoming more and more significant. Its time for India to make a statement to the world and bid for the 2020 Olympics. If India puts her mind and heart into it, it will be a majestic event that the world has probably never seen or may not be able to see in a long time to come.

The author is a second year PGDM student at LIBA