Its not just about the money

Updated: May 27 2007, 05:30am hrs
I am not corporate India; I am just married to Nusli says style guru Maureen Wadia, when asked about her reclusive nature and why she does not socialise in the same circles as her husband. We get many other startling revelations and an insight into the life and mind of the lady who has groomed Indias top models. Corporate wives like Nita Ambani, Sudha Murthy, Rohini Nilekani talk about their life in a new weekend show on CNBC-TV 18, Up Close and Personal.

In a rapidly changing social environment, women have carved a neat niche for themselves, in every sphere of life. As a tribute to them and as an example, a lot of young women today could follow, this show offers snapshots of what the most admired women of today feel, how they manage their homes and bring about a change for the better in our society by using their wealth and power, says Anil Uniyal, head, sales, CNBC Universe.

First ladies of corporate India will share their thoughts and bare their hearts to Sheeren Bhan, associate editor, and anchor with CNBC-TV18. The show will also unravel some interesting facts from the lives of these women, wives and businesswomen.

It was a great experience shooting with each one of them. The world assumes so many things about these women, but all of them were very candid and honest about their lives on camera. In fact, it was a refreshing experience for me to know them, says Bhan. Maureen Wadias honesty on camera was commendable: She says what she has to say, she doesnt mince words, adds Bhan.

The show kicked off with an interview with Wadia last weekend. This weekend one gets to see Reliances Jamnagar refinery where Nita Ambani was interviewed. Bhan remembers: The temperature had touched 42 degree celsius but Nita seemed completely at ease . She made no fuss about the weather. These small things really matter.

The show brings out the difficulties these women have faced as wives of business tycoons. They have had their struggles in the initial years of the marriages. The idea of giving up their dreams, being a wife and then creating a niche for themselves is not an easy one but all of them have done well. For example, the sacrifice made by Sudha Murthy is awe inspiring. The kind of love, and understanding she and her husband share is amazing, says Bhan.

The channel is happy with the response the show has garnered among advertisers. We have a number of FMCG and white goods advertisers, who generally do not advertise on the business news genre, but have evinced a keen interest to come on board, says Uniyal.