Its a peppery affair

Updated: Jan 22 2007, 06:32am hrs
How is black pepper obtained and what makes it such a popular spice

Black pepper is obtained by drying the unripe berries of the perennial shrub Piper Nigrum. It is the earliest of the spices that are known to the world today. Pepper is rightly known as the 'King of Spices' as its usage in seasonings and medicine makes it the most essential spice in the world.

What is the annual world production of pepper Where does India stand in world pepper production

The global production of pepper fluctuates between 3 lakh to 3.5 lakh tonne. India ranks second in pepper production after Vietnam, accounting for around 26% of the world's total production of pepper.

Which countries are the leading producers of pepper

Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and China are the major producers of pepper in the world. Vietnam, with an annual production of around 85,000 tonne, is the worlds largest producer and exporter.

Which states contribute to the pepper production in India

Pepper is usually grown in the southern and southwestern regions of the Indian sub-continent. Kerala accounts for 90% of Indias pepper production. Pepper is also grown in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Pondichery and the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

When is pepper sown in India and when is it harvested

Pepper is generally sown in the months of May and June. The harvesting period may alter depending upon the geographical location i.e. in hilly areas it may start from January and can extend up to March and in plains the harvesting period may start from November up to January. India harvests most of its pepper at the beginning of the year.

Which factors influence the pepper market in India

Indian pepper is at a premium against all the international grades. However, the production and exports of pepper from other locations has a profound influence on Indian pepper prices. In addition to this, weather fluctuations, year ending stocks, holding back of stocks by producers and government policies (with regard to imports and exports) are some of the factors influencing the pepper market in India.

Which are the major trading centres for pepper in India

Kochi is the major trading centre for pepper in India. In recent years, however, Nagpur, Indore and Delhi have become major trading centres for pepper for the central and the northern regions of the country.

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