IT.Com 2003 Fails To Attract Big Players

Bangalore: | Updated: Nov 4 2003, 05:30am hrs
Even as Karnataka maintains its bigger and better stand on this years IT.Com 2003, the show has left IT hopefuls wanting for more. And for a city that has enjoyed more than its fair share of VIP visits, the much-hyped sixth edition of the IT show was sadly left playing host to the very same homegrown IT heroes, state officials and corporate second-in-commands with almost no big-ticket crowd pullers.

Though the numbers provided indicate a bigger show14 countries, 500 foreign delegates, 285 companies and 50,000 business visitorsthe pointers quite clearly suggest a sheenless market. Moreover, with more smaller players and non-IT companies (including NGOs, insurance vendors and placement consultants) participating, the event runs the risk of being a mere trade show for sellers. Unlike the previous years, IT.Com 2003 has not partnered with any country.

The only evident continuity seems to be the participation by other Indian states showcasing their IT thrust. Even here, close to 10 states that have been participating in the Bangalore IT.Com for the four years, are now seeing a noticeable down trend this year and cite visibility as the only reason for their presence here.

Speaking to eFE, West Bengal state representative Ruma Sengupta said, The first and second editions of IT.Com were really impressive. We got some quality visitors which assured us the visibility that we were aiming to get from participating in IT.Com. This year, the interest and impact of this show seems to be dying out.

With the larger well stablished players (except HTMT) opting to stay out, the floor has pretty much been left to smaller establishments trying to attract students to join them.

However, the state officials insist that the event was a success. According to STPI Bangalore director BV Naidu, the state consciously decided not to partner with any particular country. We believe that people have got excellent response for the event. With regard to bringing down dignitaries, we faced some delays with the ministry of external affairs, he said.