It Happens Only In India!

Updated: Sep 30 2003, 05:30am hrs
This is in response to eavesdropper dated Sept 19. A person went to draw his old-age pension. As a rule, one has to give identity-proof and declaration to the effect that he is alive. The lady in-charge verified his papers but did not pay him pension for the reason: “I have received your identity proof and declaration that you are alive. I have now seen your previous record. You had not given the declaration that you were alive at the time of drawing last pension”.
S K Hans, Jalandhar

Airport Sell-off

In response to the news item ‘SC verdict not a hurdle for airport sell-off: Rudy” (Sept 26), the hon’ble minister wishes to clarify that there is no malafide intention against the judgement of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and the government is looking for legal remedies in this matter.
Sanjay Jha, Consultant, MoS for Civil Aviation, New Delhi

Changing With Time

Apropos ‘Indians aboard an airplane’ (Sept 27), I am sorry to say that there are exceptions to the rule and Ms Bhargava’s experience seems to be the exception. I have travelled in both domestic and international airlines, it seems to me that the lure of toiletries is blind to race or ethnicity.
— S Ramanujam, on e-mail


The article on the author’s experience 20 years before and now, on an airplane, is an excellent piece, written with a touch of humour. Everyone needs to read this. I am a dentist and I had gone to London in 1983 similarly, and I have travelled now in 2003. I too have seen similar changes in every field. In a real sense we have become globalised.
Nailesh Gandhi, on e-mail

Restrict Representation

Mr Chidambaram (Politically Correct, Sept 28) has taken a subject which has been a bone of contention between the Constitution and politics. He himself resigned, though it was not required politically. I must congratulate him for a thoughtful article which should open the eyes of political bosses. To remove this, we must follow the rule of restricting membership to the Parliament or state assembly to two times. This will solve the problem of wrongdoings by politicians.
— Satish Agarwal, on e-mail

After Honeywell

With the news that Tamilnadu has lured Honeywell away from China (Sept 27), the state is truly on the way to becoming the first to challenge the Chinese hegemony in manufacturing. Way to go Jaya, get the net ready for VW too.
Karthik, on e-mail