Inside modern homes, the old and new tango

Updated: Apr 27 2008, 05:43am hrs
Guninder Singh, Chief executive, Planning & architecture, Vipul Ltd

Home designing is all about reinforcing individuality now. There is a synthesis in architecture design and the fashion world. Homes have long become a statement of style and fashion. Now it is so pronounced that no one can afford to ignore this call.

Home designing is the new buzz these days, with people spending time on detailing every nook and corner of their houses. A home today is not defined as a place that they own, but as an important location where they spend a third of their life. Comfort in living space, therefore, becomes of paramount importance.

Home designing deals with this factor where people can define their space and design, keeping in mind ones individual needs and desires. Todays homeowners look at using their homes differently from previous generations. Consumers are putting less focus on the amount of space in their homes and more on how available space can be utilised. He ease of accessibility around homes with an emphasis on informal areas with multiple functions is a trend growing in popularity. Notable trends noticed these days are home offices and home theatres.

Present day homes are nothing like the places you may recall from your childhood. New material and technologies are reshaping the way they are built and designed. The most exciting and important trend is the increased sensitivity to the environment. Architects and engineers are taking a new look at ancient building techniques that used simple, bio-degradable materials, and using them to construct unique houses which are comfortable, economical and replete with beauty and style.

The concept of green buildings is fast catching up in India. Specific architectural features in the buildings which would mean less glass and lesser orientation of windows and door towards the south would not allow the building to heat up by infra-red rays which ultimately reduce the need for air-conditioning.

Home dcor is a trend fast picking up in India. Talking about the range, the tools for home designing are many and are available in distinct choices, starting from a wide range of accessories to ensure quality of design, delivery and effectiveness in sync with home dcor basics and traditional sciences like Vaastu and Feng Shui.

The past few years have seen a resurgence of opulent living and a heightened interest in baroque fixtures, bold designs and an element of shine and sparkle in almost all product designs. Grandeur is most definitely fashionable and so is a return to luxury in living. Chandeliers, Swarovski crystal accessories and other bling products are finding their way into every home.

Some of the latest trends being followed include, special texture and pattern themes for living room, bedroom, kids room, kitchens, offices and shops. Wall-art and special decorating and texturing is the in thing this year. A well-designed floor plan, lighting to suit your mood with chic and stylish furniture, paintings, handicrafts, vases and windows create an awe factor.

Intelligent building and home automation products are in fashion today. Such automation in a home can be pre-programmed in step with individual requirements. These easy-to-install, user-friendly products can be controlled from remote locations by mobile phones/landline phones, as may be desired.

The concept of light control to suit individual needs is also in demand these days. The lighting control solution system not only provides convenient, intelligent and sophisticated control of a homes interior and exterior lightening thus providing a style statement but also cuts down on electricity cost.

Contemporary design features continue to hold good with a touch of old-world warmth. Modern design meets mid-century interior concepts to create spaces that give us the best of both worlds, old and new. Mix and match is the trend. This is the time when colonial/antique furniture can be placed alongside contemporary straight-line sofas, and not look out of place.

Home is a place where you come back after a hard days work seeking refuge, recharging for yet another gruelling day and relishing the leisure with your near and dear ones. You need all corners of your home to meet your exclusive needs, and careful designing provides you just that.