Insat-3E Launch On Sept 28

Bangalore, Sept 22: | Updated: Sep 23 2003, 05:30am hrs
Insat-3E, the fourth satellite in the Insat-3 series, will be launched on September 28 from Kourou at French Guyana. The communication satellite will augment the present capacity of Insat for communication and TV services, said ISRO chairman, G Madhavan Nair.

Speaking at a press meet here, Mr Nair said, the satellite is scheduled to be launched between Indian standard time 4.32 am and 4.51 am. Insat-3E will replace the 23 transponders of Insat 2DT.

The launch vehicle of the satellite consisted of 70 per cent indigenous components, while the spacecraft consisted of 30 per cent imported components and 70 per cent value addition by ISRO.

ISRO is also planning to launch the last one in the Insat-3 series, Insat-3D, next year.

The Insat series, deployed in the country for TV broadcasting, meteriological imaging, disaster warning and research and rescue services has so far put five satellites in the orbit. Mr Nair further said that the Insat-4 series of satellites, which are currently under development, would also be launched during the next year.

He also said ISRO had received the approval from the government to develop a radar imaging satellite.