Indian prof develops herbal mosquitoes repellant

Written by PTI | Varanasi | Updated: Mar 29 2013, 21:59pm hrs
A herbal and inexpensive method to get respite from mosquitoes has been developed by a professor at Kaashi Hindu University -- in the form of green tea plants.

After conducting a research on this plant, K N Dwivedi, Head of Ayurveda department at the university, has claimed that the plant is a repellent for deadly mosquitoes because of its smell.

"This plant has been in existence since ages and is easily found in villages. But, people don't know enough about its benefits and methods of usage. The plant is so effective that mosquitoes will keep away from the house itself (that has the plant)," Dwivedi said.

"The smell of a green tea plant is like lemon that acts as a repellent for mosquitoes and bees. It is, therefore, a herbal and much cheaper method than any other medicine available for killing mosquitoes.

"Many of the effective medicines available in the market for the purpose use the juice of this plant in some quantities. Such is its goodness that if mashed leaves of the plant are applied on a person's body, mosquitoes will not come near him or her at all", he said.

In the language of Ayurveda, the plant is called 'Kritran' and its scientific name is 'simbopogan skulthash', the professor said.