Indian kids prefer Dhoni to SRK, Hrithik & Sachin

Written by Agencies | New Delhi, April 30: | Updated: Apr 30 2008, 22:49pm hrs
Mahendra Singh Dhoni has tipped Sachin Tendulkar to become the favourite sports icon of Indian youngsters while Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan remain children's best loved Bollywood stars, according to a recent survey.

While the swashbuckling Indian ODI and 20-20 captain received the backing of 32 per cent respondents as against just one per cent less for the Little Master, actors Khan and Roshan were both tied at 22 per cent. Actress Aishwarya Rai received 18 per cent popular support.

The survey was conducted by Cartoon Network across 14 cities among 6,040 respondents who included 3,020 children aged between seven and 14 years. The rest were parents. The children were found to be technology loving and career driven with a heart for causes like peace and global warming.

A total of 77 per cent children said they were ready to give up their free time for study so that they could improve their academic scores.

Yet 48 per cent believed that those who rank highest in school "aren't always the smartest in general."

As many as 67 per cent claimed that they wrote "too many exams" and 77 per cent complained that for extracurricular activities they had "too little time". The survey highlighted the phenomenal growth of children's access to technology at home.

Nearly nine per cent children owned a mobile phone and 63 per cent kids prefered to use SMS or phone to enter contests. About 40 per cent used computers. Gaming was the favourite online activity of 45 per cent of the children followed by downloading music (13 per cent).

A sizeable 54 per cent of children and 62 per cent of their parents are concerned about global warming and 75 per cent of them are predisposed to buying environment-friendly products, the survey said.

Given the power to change the world, 34 per cent children would promote peace and stop violence, 32 per cent eliminate poverty and another 25 work to save wildlife and improve the environment.

The survey revealed that 36 per cent of guardians gave pocket money to their wards, while 56 per cent of families travelled together on vacations in the past year.

More cheering news came in the form of a revelation by 10 per cent of parents claiming children were the decision makers of their holiday destinations.