Indian businesses see opportunity in Philippines dairy and meat sectors

Written by ASHOK B SHARMA | New Delhi, Oct 7 | Updated: Oct 8 2007, 05:00am hrs
Indian exporters are upbeat with the offer of the Philippines president, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to import more dairy products and meat. The captains of the dairy and meat processing industries, too, are firming up their investment proposals at the call of the Philippine president.

India exports about 1.7 million tonne skimmed milk power and 1.50 million tonne buffalo meat to the Philippines annually.

We will avail of the opportunity to increase our exports of buffalo meat, said Afzal Aziz, GM (marketing) of the Mumbai-based Allanasons. Macapagal-Arroyo had led a 47-member delegation to India last week consisting of top businessmen and senior officials. The chairman of the Filipino firm, Alternatives Food Corporation, Kishu Sehwani said, We import a lot of food products from India. We will book new orders from India. Sehwani is a Filipino national of Indian origin. The secretary of the Philippines department of agriculture, Arthur C Yap said that his country would also prefer to import buffalo and genetic material from India to strengthen the animal breed for meat and dairy purposes. An agreement to this effect has been signed with the Indian government, he said. Yap also invited the Indian industry to set up dairy and meat processing units in the Philippines.

The secretary in the Philippines department of energy, Angelot T Reyes said, We would like to replicate Indias bio-fuel and bio-ethanol programme in our country, and would like to invite investments and technology transfer. The managing director of Rusni Distilleries, AR Palani Swamy said, We have developed the technology of extracting ethanol from sweet sorghum and are planning an investment in the Philippines.

Indias exports to the Philippines are about $400.85 million, while its imports from that country is about $119.46 million.