Indias first custom-built Street Rod launched in Delhi

Written by Agencies | New Delhi | Updated: Jul 13 2011, 22:03pm hrs
If you are passionate about cars and want to establish your own reputation on the road, your wish seems to be coming true with Delhis entrepreneur-pioneer Hradyesh launching Indias first custom-built Street Rod Morris Street.

Hradyesh, who is himself a passionate automobile enthusiast, talking about the Street Rod said that this is a global concept of automobile passion, which was missing in India.

According to him, Street Rods are compelling works of art that are custom built as per the owners most specific requirement.

There is no fixed parameter; it is driven by the owners passion. Street Rod is all handmade and custom fitted from the high performance suspension to the engine, chassis, air conditioning, gearbox, all according to the owners choice. The owner can drive a car that reflects his personality, attitude and identity, said Hradyesh.

All Street Rods are single, unique and a masterpiece. There is no technical replication. It is very exclusive and unique, the only one created as per the owners requirements. Street Rod is a concept with a retro look. The best part of it is branding your car as per your own choice, he added.

Talking about the target customers, Hradyesh said: There is no target customer as such. It is all a mixed group; we have got a lot of passionate people approaching us. We have around 3200 odd fans in our face book page. The females are also catching up fast.

Responding to a question on the budget, Hradyesh said: Everything depends on the detailing and concept, the requirement feasibility. The thought of the person for it is going to be his dream car. The prices can range from a few lakhs to a few crores. The maximum price set is Rs. 2.7 crores.

Hradyesh, 29, has in his team automobile designers, engineers and technicians, who work with utmost zeal and enthusiasm to fulfill the requirements of the passionate and committed car lovers.