India Offering A Range Of IT Services: Not Just BPO

Updated: Jun 12 2004, 05:30am hrs
There is a perceptible change occurring in the Indian IT world. No longer is there a unilateral focus on BPO or business process outsourcing. IT companies are now offering a comprehensive range of IT services from applications management, business process outsourcing, package imple- mentation, data center management, infrastructure management, application deve- lopment, technology help desk and setting up dedicated competency centers.

For Indian IT companies, the challenges have grown: Low-cost options, faster and reliable IT infrastructure, consistent quality service, no time and schedule overruns, and the managerial ability to understand the customers business problems in a holistic manner. Most of the Indian IT companies are now pooling in their resources and offering these integrated IT services to customers in the US, Europe, Far East and Australia. Indian IT companies are thus forming alliances and moving up the chain of value-added services. They are becoming transnational in their outlook and structure; quick to learn from the MNCs on how to become more customer-focused and develop more refined, integrated and global service delivery models.

Traditionally MNCs have demonstrated their strong background of customer orientation and management with deep industry knowledge. Their success in the developing world has been based on their marketing insight and sound management practices. But today, these MNCs are also learning from the Indian IT companies. Remote business and service delivery models as practiced in countries like India, Philippines and Spain etc considered as low-cost countries are being seriously looked at by MNCs.

Indian companies, on the other hand, possess expertise in establishing offshore business and excel in service delivery. However they still need to be more customer-centric and gain better customer management experience. Business analysts are quick to point out that over time this gap between MNC and Idian (or developing nations) outfits will narrow down. While the IT revolution has unified the global village, the IT services sector has created a strong channel of interaction between the developed and the developing countries. Indian IT companies are today the obvious beneficiaries of this ongoing interaction that is unifying India more substantially with the US, European and Far Eastern economies than ever before. What this means is that over time India would offer higher value proposition.

The author is Director - GTS, CSC India Pvt. Ltd