'India holds an imperative position for Freescales business'

Written by Purabi Bora | New Delhi | Updated: Mar 22 2014, 21:41pm hrs
The semiconductor industry has grwon manifolds in the last few years and there has been marked rise in adoption of the semiconductor products and solutions in in India also. In an interaction with financialexpress.com, Satinder Sohi, Country Director, Freescale Semiconductor India, speaks about future plans and how the country holds an imperative position for companys business.

What is Freescales core business What is your strategy to expand business in India

Satinder Sohi: Freescales core expertise lies in embedded processing solutions. We are leaders in this space and have solutions across verticals like automotive, industrial, networking, consumer, medical and more.

India holds an imperative position for Freescales business. In this age of digitization, semiconductor players have a big role to play. Usage of low power MCUs, intelligent ICs and overall greener technology is on a rise in the country and opens up new opportunities. Our strategy in India is to meet the demands of our customers by bringing them solutions that enable them to deliver world class products. We are constantly adding innovations to our product portfolio to further strengthen our presence.

What are your future plans of expanding your product line/offerings in the country

We have seen growth across all segments important to Freescale business. We are constantly in touch with our customers to understand the expectations and are focusing our R&D efforts to bring forth the latest innovative technologies that have the potential to make this world a smarter place. We introduce new product/technologies as part of natural progression for a technology company and are in constantly updated with the way technology/industry is moving.

How is the semiconductor ecosystem today different from previous years What would you say are the challenges

SS:The semiconductor industry has moved manifolds in the last few years and in India we noticed nationwide adoption of the semiconductor products and solutions. Today everybody is talking about smart grids, smart meters and in large a smarter planet and this has only caused the boom in the industry. The semiconductor ecosystem is well poised at the moment and it is good to see that the government too is pushing this growth by coming up with various policies that are intended to help industry grow.

As an industry, we have to collectively build this ecosystem which will lead to a bright future ahead. Governments approval to set up the manufacturing fab in the country and the response from the industry to take this up is a step that goes a long way towards building ecosystem.

Currently, the ecosystem is in a balanced situation and is only poised for growth in the years to come.

How important is India as a market for the semiconductor ecosystem

SS:India is a good contributor to the semiconductor business worldwide. Especially with digitization and the greater use of technology in the country, semiconductor industry is surely expected to grow in the coming years.

Few of the emerging market segments from a semiconductor point of view are automotive, networking and the sensors industry. Estimated reports prove that these segments will open up many opportunities for the semiconductor industry.

Thus, it becomes very important for the semiconductor players to focus on India as a strong market and a market which has a huge potential and will open up many opportunities in the years to come.

The auto market is important for your business. What are your latest developments for the sector

SS:Freescale has Automotive Systems expertise and is the market and technology leader for over 30 years providing comprehensive product solutions across multiple application spaces. We are also the leader in vehicle safety and security solutions.

We are providing solutions in the area of the automotive industry covering Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)( Active Cruise Control, Blind-spot Detection, Collision Warning & Prevention, Emergency Braking, Night Vision, Surround View Park Assist); Power train (Engine Management, Transmission Control, Alternator Regulator, Hybrid Electric Inverter Controller, Battery Management); Safety and Chassis (Braking, Chassis, Airbags, Electronic Stability Control, Electronic Power Steering, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Body Control Modules, Doors, Window Lifts, Seat Control, Security, Lighting, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) and Vehicle Networking and Information (Instrument Cluster, Infotainment, Navigation, Internet of Things connectivity). This helps the auto industry in providing the desired experience to the end user. The auto industry is of huge importance for us and we are constantly innovating and developing products and solutions for this industry vertical.

Freescale introduces reduced emissions and improved efficiency with the latest MC33816 programmable solenoid controller. The integrated intelligence with four micro cores on the MC33816 increases valve drive precision and reduces bill of materials for direct fuel injection engines and precision solenoids in factory automation.

Also, our family of image cognition processors (ICPs) for the driver assistance market, the SCP2200 family features CogniVues APEX IP technology that is ideal for automotive smart camera applications is already being used by many players.

Similarly, the Qorivva MPC5777M multicore microcontroller is helping automakers worldwide address regional automotive fuel economy and safety trends by providing outstanding performance for a new generation of engine management solutions. These are just of the few launches that we did in the past, for more details on innovation in automotive please visit: Freescale.com/automotive

What are your product/application offerings for the auto segment

SS:We have a good range of product/application offerings specifically for the auto segment as mentioned above in Q.5.

How important is it for the auto segment to adopt to technology changes and how important is it for them to work closely with the semiconductor players

SS:Today, when you go to buy a car you may be impressed by the technology that makes it safer, easier to use and more enjoyable to drive. The auto industry is persistent in making the drivers experience worth remembering.Thus, the industry is always at the forefront of technology innovation from vehicle technology to supply chain optimization, to product development and manufacturing, to aftermarket service and support. Today, Cloud, Big data and IoT all are playing big role in the industry.

The auto industry is coming up with many new technologies where IoT is adding value. Few examples being: Biker fall detection where IoT can add layers of assistance if the unthinkable happens. BTLE on a motorcycle with a gyro and accelerometer sensing combination can detect a potential accident. Then, with a connection to the drivers smart phone, the phone can send an alert to emergency services using the cellular network indicating that there is a potential accident. Similarly, Smart parking lot of future will let the people find and reserve a free spot without visiting each one as Sensors or cameras will alert drivers with the proper app on their smart phones where they can find an open parking spot.

India has always been a strong market for the auto industry while IoT application is not used commonly yet but the future is not very far.

Also, it the most imperative that automakers work directly with the semiconductor players as the technology that we are currently working on will hit the market in few years for now, thus as a ecosystem partner it is important to keep engaged and involved on defining the next generation technology innovation.