India Gets Early Mover Advantage In Outsourcing Biz: neoIT

New Delhi | Updated: Jul 23 2004, 03:19am hrs
India remains a leading offshore outsourcing destination given its early mover advantage, according to a consulting firm - neoIT.

Philippines scores well as a destination for voice-based services, such as call centres and for wholly-owned subsidiaries or captive centres. Canada remains a strong, safe nearshore destination and is well suited to risk adverse clients who are less price sensitive, according to neoITs white paper titled Mapping Offshore Markets Update 2004.

Russias IT services market is growing rapidly due to the availability of highly skilled labour, its strong economy, its size and strength of IT service providers.

Eastern Europe is of particular interest currently as the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland ramp up to provide shared services to western Europe locations. China is growing at a more modest pace and is anticipated to be in a better competitive position in three years, the paper pointed out.

The number of new countries that are emerging and the maturation of rapidly developing offshoring destinations provide corporate decision makers with an increasing array of choices for selecting an offshoring destination.

neoIT goes on to recommend that choosing an offshoring location precedes the choice of supplier and advises corporations to fully understand their own requirements, their risk tolerance, and the unique characteristics of potential offshore destinations.

The white paper gives a detail on country-specific capabilities and risks for India, the Philippines, Russia, China, Canada, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Mexico.

One of the most challenging questions faced by corporations as they assess offshore outsourcing options is how to select the best offshore location.

NeoITs white paper looks at the issues that need to be considered when selecting an offshore outsourcing location and examines the capabilities of specific countries.

The report in neoITs monthly white paper series is an update to the 2003 Mapping Offshore Markets white paper, which proved to be the most sought after research data published by neoIT in 2003. The Mapping Offshore Markets paper outlines the primary factors to consider when choosing an offshore outsourcing destination.