India, EU Bet Big On 3G In Telecom

New Delhi | Updated: Mar 25 2004, 05:30am hrs
India and the European Union (EU) should work together to develop content, services and applications in futuristic third genergation (3G) telecommunication technologies, according to Peter Zangl, deputy director general of European Unions Information Society Directorate General.

The proposed expansion of European GEANT network to Asia and to India in particular can be capitalised for joint research and development by India and European countries in the areas of e-governance, e-education and e-health also, Mr Zangl suggested.

With such an infrastructure in place, European and Indian research communities could take better advantage of the European Commission funds dedicated to research and development, Mr Zangl said while delivering the inaugural address of EuroIndia 2004, organised jointly by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the European Commission.

GEANT network is a multi-gigabit pan-European data communications network, reserved specifically for research and education use. These include network testing, development of new technologies and support for some research projects with specific networking requirements.

According to Mr Zangl, at a time when India is strong in terms of technologies and skilled human resources, and there is a window of opportunity for transforming such assets into economic wealth, India and the EU must look at more joint research programmes of mutual interest. According to him, the average user is not interested in technology. What they want are products and services, which are affordable and entertain them, which simplify and improve their lives. He therefore, added that independently, from any technological choice, it is of vital importance to ensure interoperability of systems.

Mr Zangl said that the future looks promising for Internet on television and broadcasters will increasingly use Internet protocol in their transmissions over the next few years, and in India as well. He added that convergence between telecommunications, Information Technologies and content will benefit both India and Europe.

In his address, Jozef Cornu, member of Alcatels supervisory board and advisor to the corporate executive committee, said there is an emerging need for India to strengthen the use and applications of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in government, business and throughout the education system, to enable users across the society to benefit from using ICT applications. In India, the government should invest in e-governance, e-health and e-education initiatives. However, ICT applications should be based on technical standards, he said.