Increase in turmeric, chilli exports rekindle trade revival hopes

Written by fe Bureaus | kochi | Updated: Aug 29 2009, 03:16am hrs
Spices exports are looking at a revival in trade with chilli, turmeric and cardamom recording marginal increase in exports for the month of July.

Spices Board points out that the market has turned positive when compared to the performance of the last three months. Volume of exports has grown by 4% during the month helping in some recouping of the losses suffered in the previous months. However, value of exports is still behind by 4% when compared to performance of July 2008.

The cumulative exports during the first four months of the current fiscal still falls behind the performance of the corresponding period of the last fiscal by 14% in volume and 10% in value. In terms of dollar realisation, the performance is shorter by almost 23%. During April- July 2009, a total quantity of 164,215 tonne of spices valued at Rs 1690.81 crore ($ 347.07 million) has been exported as against 189,870 tonne valued at Rs 1880.88 crore ($ 448.30 million) in April- July 2008.

During April- July 2009, 6750 tonne of pepper valued at Rs 102.34 crore was exported, as against 9430 tonne valued Rs 160.35 crore of the last comparable period. Export of pepper to US, EU and other major destinations, has declined significantly during this period, sources said. Volume of exports has declined by 28%, when value declined by almost 36%.Unit value of exports has also fallen from Rs 170 per kg to Rs 151.62 per kg during April-July 2009.

Export of chilli during April-July 2009 has been 55,000 tonne valued at Rs 342.03 crore as against 81,000 tonne valued Rs 415.52 crore of last year. The decline in export of chilli is mainly due to the absence of Pakistan from the market. Last year they imported 22,000 tonne of chilli during April-July of 2008. Chilli exports lag the performance of the last fiscal by 32% in volume and 18% in value.

Export of turmeric during April-July 2009 has recorded a 45% in increase in value when compared to the performance of the last comparable period. Exports during April-July 2009 stands at 21,000 tonne valued at Rs 132.43 crore as against 21,000 tonne valued at Rs 91.58 crore in April-July 2008.Coriander seed exports has also increased from 12,745 tonne valued at Rs.83.06 crore in April-July 2008 to 16,750 tonne valued at Rs 84.80 crore in April-July 2009.

Among the processed spices, export of curry powder has increased by 13% in volume and 20% in value terms. However, export of spices extracts and mint products during the period have declined as compared to the same period of last year mainly due to the low inventories in the major markets like US and EU, sources said.