In search of the perfect balance

Updated: Apr 27 2008, 05:53am hrs
Life consists of extremes. Life is a tension between the opposites. To be exactly in the middle forever means to be dead. The middle is only a theoretical possibility; only once in a while are you in the middle, as a passing phase. It is like walking on a tightrope; you can never be exactly in the middle for any length of time. If you try, you will fall.

To be in the middle is not a static state, it is a dynamic phenomenon. The tightrope walker continuously moves from the left to the right, from the right to the left. When he feels now he has moved too much to the left and there is fear of falling, he immediately balances himself by moving to the opposite, to the right. Passing from the left to the right, yes, there is a moment when he is in the middle. And again when he has moved too much to the right, there is fear of falling, he is losing balance, he starts moving towards the left. Passing from the right to the left, again he moves through the middle for a moment.

Dont avoid extremes, and dont choose any one extreme. Remain available to both the polarities that is the art, the secret of balancing. Yes, sometimes be utterly happy, and sometimes be utterly sad both have their own beauties.

Our mind is a chooser; thats why the problem arises. Remain choiceless. And whatsoever happens and wherever you are, right or left, in the middle or not in the middle, enjoy the moment in its totality. While happy, dance, sing, play music be happy. And when sadness comes which is bound to come, which is coming, which has to come, which is inevitable, you cannot avoid it if you try to avoid it you will have to destroy the very possibility of happiness. The day cannot be without the night, and the summer cannot be without the winter, and life cannot be without death.

Let this polarity sink deep in your being there is no way to avoid it. The only way is to become more and more dead. Only the dead person can be in a static middle. The alive person will be constantly moving from anger to compassion, from compassion to anger. And he accepts both. And he is not identified with either. He remains aloof and yet involved. He remains distant yet committed. He enjoys and yet he remains like a lotus flower in water in water, and yet the water cannot touch it.

Your very effort to be in the middle, and to be in the middle forever and always, is creating an unnecessary anxiety for you. In fact, to desire to be in the middle forever is another extreme, the worst kind of extreme, because it is the impossible kind. It cannot be fulfilled.

When you pass from happiness to sadness, and from sadness to happiness, there is a moment of utter silence exactly in the middle enjoy that too.

Life has to be lived in all its dimensions, only then is life rich. The leftist is poor, the rightist is poor, and the middlist is dead. The alive person is neither rightist nor leftist nor middlist he is in constant movement, he goes with the flow. Why do we want to be in the middle in the first place We are afraid of the dark side of life; we dont want to be sad, we dont want to be in a state of agony. But that is possible only if you are also ready to drop the possibility of being in ecstasy.

I am giving you a totally new insight: Be all. And when you are on the left, dont miss anything enjoy. Being on the left has its own beauty; you will not find it when you are on the right. And, yes, to be in the middle has its own silence, peace, and you will not find it on any extreme. So enjoy all. Go on enriching your life.

(Extracted from Fish in the Sea is not Thirsty by Osho. The book is published by Wisdom Tree)