In mobile age, Americans swear by landline

Written by Agencies | New York, March 28: | Updated: Mar 28 2008, 17:45pm hrs
An overwhelming majority of American consumers -- including those who have a cell phone --say they plan to keep and continue using their landline home phone indefinitely.

A landline service's proven reliability and safety were given as reasons for their preference, according to a nationwide survey by KRC research which was commissioned by telephone giant Verizon.

Ninety-four per cent of the respondents cited reliability and 91 per cent safety as the key factors for retaining landline service. Eighty-three per cent respondents said they intend to continue using their landline home phone indefinitely -- a strong vote of consumer confidence for landline voice service in a survey group in which 74 per cent had cell phones.

Seventy-six per cent said they use landline phones every day. Consumers, the survey shows, value voice quality, reliability and consistency of service.

Ninety-eight percent of landline users consider their connection to be reliable on a typical day, and 91 per cent rate their connection as reliable even on days when the weather is inclement.

The survey revealed that women, senior citizens, middle-income earners and those living outside of metropolitan areas are more likely to continue using their landline phones indefinitely.