In defence of the US

Updated: Aug 5 2005, 05:30am hrs
This is with reference to your editorial ‘Globalising world’ (Aug 3) CNOOC’s proposal to buy Unocal was essentially a communist govern- ment purchasing a US oil company. Unfortunately, our country is too open and we pay the price for that. The
citizens of the US will not allow the country’s national security to be compromised in the false name of free trade. China, of course, would never allow the purchase of a Chinese oil company by a US company, esp- ecially a US company that
was financed by the US government. Kind of a one-way street, wouldn’t you say
— Milton William, Florida, USA

Reject EU
Contrary to the view of Paul Steinmetz (‘The EU is a work which is still in progress’, July 30), I believe the rejection by both France and the Netherlands of the EU draft treaty is a rejection by the voters of the whole concept of the EU. Europe should come to a standstill. Why should it go on The only way out of the impasse is for EU’s citizens to have their say by means of referenda and not by ratification by national parliaments.

Elected politicians do not have the right to cede to another body the sovereign rights of its citizens, except by explicit consent, expressed in a direct vote on the issue. Who says that EU citizens are willing to pay for EU policies The EU is a corrupt organisation, evidenced by the fact that the Court of Auditors has been unable to approve its accounts for the past 10 years.
As for Mr Steinmetz’s statement that Europe whole and free is a success story, it is a matter of personal opinion. During the Luxembourg presidency, itemising the rewording of the stability and growth pact as a success beggars belief. This “rewording” was at the behest of France and Germany, both of whom were in breach of the pact’s provisions over a number of years.
If a member-state is big enough, it can impose a principle—‘‘If you can’t live within the regulations, then change the regulations to suit your needs.” The implementation of any of the new provisions contained in the rejected constitutional treaty would be illegal and should be challenged in court. EU politicians are not empowered to proceed on those issues. Indeed, by inference, they are denied the right to act. So much for the EU legal identity, the EU foreign minister, the EU army, etc.
Before the politicians concern themselves with the strengthening of ties with other countries in the name of the EU, they should ensure that all the member-states are reading from the same music-sheet. The arrogance of EU politicians is beyond the pale. They want to become legends in their own eyes in their own lifetime.
— Denis Gudgeon, Cornwall, UK

Cancun struggle
As part of the Korean delegation at the Cancun struggle against the WTO ministerial, I am rather distressed to see that in the article ‘WTO ministerial: Kong Yee Sai Mau may lead to another Seattle’ (August 1) the author said that Lee Kyung Hae burnt himself alive. He, in fact, stabbed himself.
— Sohi Jeon, Seoul, Korea