In A Zone Of Its Own

Updated: May 18 2003, 05:30am hrs
The cost of exercise is the equipment, the rest you gain, remarked Padmabhushan Dr Naresh Trehan in a lighter vein while inaugurating Lite Zones new gymnasium at Habitat World. In an age when working out at gyms is becoming increasingly expensive, Dr Trehan perhaps hit a bulls eye with his statement.

Nevertheless, the importance of exercise cannot be ignored just because of the costs involved. Citing a study done in Canada on 10,000 people of different age groups for 10 years, which is the most comprehensive so far, Dr Trehan said, People who did a brisk workout for 40-45 minutes a day and five times a week were found to be the healthiest, while those who never exercised had the worst health conditions. Those who over-exercised suffered from knee and ankle problems. They were prime candidates for early arthritis.

In the light of the above facts, it is refreshing to know that the new gymnasium at Habitat World is trying to address the need for people to exercise at a reasonable price.

Says Sandeep Tandon, executive vice-president, Old World Hospitality, We are adding some new equipment to the new gym. One leg press, one rotary twister and a Roman chair have been added, and we had already added two treadmills earlier. Now the gym has a total of 27 pieces of fitness equiment. With a bigger area, Mr Tandon hopes that the members will be able to better enjoy their workouts.

Rohini Vohra of Unispace Interiors, who comes regularly to Lite Zone with her husband, Satish Vohra, is very happy with the new gym. She says, The earlier one was small and congested, but this one should be really good.

The new space, however, doesnt mean a new rate of fees. The rate remains Rs 12,000 for an annual, full-day membership (7 am to 10 pm) for single or dynamic users in which husband and wife can use the facility on alternate days. For the same users, a mid-day membership (from 10 am to 6 pm) costs Rs 10,000. If couples prefer to visit on the same day, the annual fees for a full day is Rs 19,000, and for the mid-day programme, Rs 15,000.

Commenting on the facilities provided at the new gym, Dr Trehan said, If you were to go to a five-star hotel providing the same facilities, it would have perhaps cost our monthly pay package.

Asserting that Lite Zone members will always be provided with value for money, Mr Tandon says, We have also lined up a host of workshops to provide a holistic fitness routine.

Expressing satisfaction at the facilities provided, Ms Vohra says, The facilities provided here are A class and the personal attention and care given by the staff here are excellent. I havent heard of any accidents here, while you keep hearing of such things in other gyms, she adds.

Agreeing with her, says another member, advocate N K Anand of Anand & Anand, I have been a member for close to four years and the difference I have found in this gym from the rest is the family like atmosphere you get here. While other places are becoming increasingly commercialised, this place retains a club-like atmosphere in the true sense with a human touch, adds Mr Anand. Recently fitted with a pacemaker, he says, I shall be getting personal advice from Dr Trehan on how should I go about continuing my exercise regime.

Perhaps it is because of such loyal members that Lite Zone has held its ground despite the mushrooming of many gyms in Delhi. In terms of membership, we have been having a consistent growth, says Mr Tandon, but he declines to disclose either the number of members at Lite Zone or what it cost them to set up the new gym. It is something that we usually do not share publicly, he reasons. But he says the gym is looking forward to expanding its membership.

Allaying apprehensions that increasing the membership would mean lesser time for the existing members to work out on the fitness equipment, Mr Tandon says, We have specified 20 minutes for each machine for a member to work out, which is good enough. So it should not be a problem.