In a quota cauldron

Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Jun 1 2008, 03:44am hrs
The Gujjar stir in Rajasthan, which is spilling over to Delhi, is entirely misguided. As you have correctly pointed out in your editorial (Plumbers job, anyone, May 30), there is a need to look at jobs beyond low-level employment in the government sector. Also, its galling that nearly two decades after Indias economic liberalisation, reservation for government jobs is still a hotly debated issue. The Gujjars should demand better opportunities in education, particularly at the school level. This will help the community more than any reservation in the long run.

Manish Singh, Delhi

Cost of fitness

McCains old age and fitness (Indiana McCain rides again, May 30) is his supreme vulnerability, which might prove to be much more costly than Obamas lack of experience,

M Unnikrishnan, Bangalore