Identity Crisis On Page 3

Updated: Jan 31 2003, 05:30am hrs
Page three crowd. Is that brand name enough to identify sundry models, politicians, corporate captains et al who are featured ad nauseam in the society pages So much so that you can take liberties in identifying people

That would indeed seem to be the case in this recent episode where the top honcho of a high profile multinational food company was introduced as the Lebanese Ambassador in print while the photo caption identified him as M Sternberg. So much for being hi-profile in the happening slots! Whats truly interesting is the blase reaction of those who are regularly featured on Page three according to them, names get swapped in these columns with mind-boggling regularity!

Hinglish No, Just Stupid
Talk about false starts. Here is one that eavesdropper came across...and suffice it to say that the government needs to act upon the matter urgently, failing which a serious initiative could end up getting mired in mirth.

The story goes this way. While the government may have accepted former Ambassador to the US, Naresh Chandras recommendation to set up a Serious Fraud Investigation Office as part of the Committee on Corporate Audit and Governance, there seems to be a rather serious problem when it comes to the name of this office. Confused

Well, as part of governmental tradition, all offices have a Hindi as well as an English name. And at a meeting on corporate governance held at Assocham, where Mr Chandra spilt this news of setting up the office, he said that in its Hindi (translated) avatar, the proposed new office ended up getting seriously tarnished.

In the national language, the offices name would read: Gambhir Ghotala Karyalaya (aka Serious Fraud Office), leaving the word investigation out in the cold. Understandably, the congregation of business and government persons dissolved into peals of laughter laughter that eavesdropper could only describe as knowing! The Hindi name sounds to us a tad too much like a hangout for IPC 420 transgressors!