Crouching dragon, unfazed tiger

Mumbai, Nov 18 | Updated: Nov 19 2005, 06:13am hrs
The land of the dragon will have a strong presence in Auto Expo, the biennial automotive show, to be held in New Delhi in January 2006.

Around 30 Chinese companies the largest overseas participation have already registered as participants for the event, and the number is expected to go up to 70.

There has been an increased interest this year among the Chinese component makers to participate in the expo, officials say.

The main reason, they said was Indian vehicle and component makers, like those in other countries, have crossed the Great Wall to import components from China.

Participants include makers of oil seals, lamps, bevel gears and a motorcycle assembling company, called Zhejiang Henejiu.

Does that mean the China threat no longer exists To an extent, yes. What is being sourced from China by vehicle and component makers here are cheap plastic parts, bearings and certain low end forgings and castings.

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