ICICI Banks On Retraining To Drive Business Results

Mumbai: | Updated: Jan 28 2003, 05:30am hrs
To institutionalise a culture of training in the enterprise, ICICI Bank Ltd has now deployed a human resource (HR) initiative whereby its mandatory for every business leader to roll out a slew of qualitative training programmes for the respective teams.

Says ICICI Bank Ltd general manager K Ramkumar: We want to move away from the convention of merely having some quantitative mandays or some prescribed business hours to be dedicated as part of the training and development programmes in the organisation. Instead, we wanted our top management professionals to identify those needs of professionals which when bridged would not only enhance their individual orientations but also drive our business forward.

And the bank affirms that this is one of the objectives which the present move is meant to accomplish. Accordingly, every top management professional has to identify the deliverables that the employees working under them need to attain bothas individuals and collectively as a team. This in turn needs to be articulated to the HR function of the enterprise.

Explains Mr Ramkumar: For instance, one of our top management professionals approached us saying that there is need for managerial professionals working under her to demonstrate leadership capabilities.

This was in turn deliberated on by the HR professionals of the organisation and a customised feedback mechanism evolved for the specific managerial team. Further, as part of the initiative, the entire band of managerial professionals was segmented, based on whether they needed to enhance their knowledge level or skill level. Accordingly, they were sent to customised training and development initiatives launched by the organisation.

In sync with this approach, the bank has rolled out around 18 modules in e-learning within a span of 90 days to enhance the knowledge orientation of professionals in wholesale banking. Similarly, when we feel that professionals need to enhance behavioral dynamics then we send them to various management development classrooms, adds Mr Ramkumar. In addition to this, if the professionals need to internalise cutting edge knowledge for driving businesses then the bank ropes in leading management gurus to conduct the relevant orientation sessions for its professionals.

All these endeavours are also used to gauge the effectiveness of HR in impacting the business strategy of the organisation. As per the initiative, every professional has to undergo a proficiency test and if the professional falls below a certain score then they are accordingly given a feedback on the ways to bridge the knowledge gaps.

There is also a statement of promise that the employees need to undertake on how they would deploy the learnings from such training endeavours in actualising some of the business goals. All this again comes for evaluation during the final appraisal, he adds.

The entire programme is being implemented with the objective of creating accountability to learn and demonstrate these learnings by achieving win-win business results.

Commenting on these initiatives, says Konkar Consulting Ltd managing director Maneesh Konkar: The biggest challenge in any such endeavour is to get a collective buy-in from the organisation. And care also needs to be taken to ensure that there are an appropriate set of training modules that are developed to enable the teams to achieve the desired results.